Luxury clubhouse on Starovolynskaya Street has stunning views and parks but bad inside apartment planning that cut all useful space with long narrow hall with а fireplace. The apartments with total square of 288.59 meters had to be to re-planned totally. Natalia decided to turn the chimney to relocate the fireplace. This idea allowed dividing the whole space into two areas: private and public. The final planning idea gave more light and picturesque park views in the rooms.

The interiors style came from the owners that were keen on collecting Asia art and porcelain.As the result, Natalia came to modern interpretation of Chinoisery style.

She used her favorite skill – unusual colors and textures combinations. Stunning wood carving and stained-glass artworks, brass, marble, French and English textile, bespoke furniture designed by Natalia – all that create inimitable luxury interior with Asian touch and European details.

Unusual marble fireplace designed by Natalia, silks and velvets, stunning carved doors designed by Natalia, a rare antique cabinet in Chinoisery style make the luxury atmosphere of the living room. Home office interior looks mysterious in dark green color and brass and Oriental carpets make the accent on its luxury.

Natalia Legotina succeeded in creating contemporary interior on classic background by skilfully mixing various ethnic styles and epochs.