My artistic statement

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word “home” means “one’s place of residence”. Technically, this is true, but for most of us the word “home” means so much more. Personally for me, my home is the place I fall in love with every day anew; the place where I rush from the best hotels in the world; the place where I relax and where I always want to return.

Perhaps the most interesting thing for me in my job is to guess what the word «home» means to you. What makes a faceless “place of residence” into the beloved “home”? How to breathe a life into a variety of expensive and beautiful things and turn them from neutral witnesses into friends that daily enrich your life with positive emotions?

I think good taste is not enough. You need knowledge and skills, as well as the ability to accurately determine the means that can fully express individuality of a customer. I need to see the world through my customer’s eyes and see his personal feeling of comfort. I need to learn to think like my customer, to feel him or her and to see the way he or she sees. Only in this case it is possible to create an interior that he or she would perceive as an integral part of their nature.

Every new project I create as if I do it for myself. It’s just because I am the most demanding customer or the most stern judge and perfectionist. And these my personal qualities help me to deal more carefully with expenses, suppliers and subcontractors.

I try stay away from standard methods and stale techniques because a suit made for you even by the best and most expensive tailor will hardly fit your colleague. Each of us has its own individuality that deserves respect, because it makes us human and unique.

You may have heard that creation of the interior is an art. I would not argue this, but let me say that art of interior can’t exist for the art’s sake, because it is focused on people like no other art. I think that the art of interior design is a skillful combination of beauty and comfort that meets convenience of our life in the interior. It is the daily work on transforming the small things into details and décor that makes interior design a very time-consuming process of finding individual solutions for each client.

In other words, creation of interiors is quite a fascinating work requiring constant concentration and knowledge that I really love. After all, nothing feels so good when your customer says “THANK YOU, now I’m at my sweet HOME”.

Natalia Legotina, decorator.